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Want to use your time in Thailand effectively and organize your activities in advance ?
Here we present an overview of possible routes that you can book via email or phone.

Depending on the weather conditions, some of the tours might not be available and we may need to change scheduled activities for security reasons.

Tours including an English speaking guide, transfer, meals, drinking water and accommodation.

guided bird- & animal watching

new tours available

Since 2015 new trecking tours have been opened to and around the lake. They offer excellent opportunities to explore the terrain on the lake. Please ask for current information.

guided bird- & animal watching

birding & wildlife tours

use the best equipment like special a covered kayak to get as close to wildlife as possible.  Your guide will interpret local conditions to find the best, mote remote places to experience the best of what Khao Sok has to offer.  You’ll typically find a good place to set up shop and spend most of the day waiting and watching as the forest comes to life.

guided bird- & animal watching

landscape & photo tours

See the lush waterfalls and enchanting viewpoints that attract people from all around the world.  On photography tours, you will spend most of your time during the golden hours of the day to capture the wonderful sights of Khao Sok.

guided bird- & animal watching

usual tours

Spend a night or two on Cheow Lan lake with a Khao Sok local guide, taking in the unique ancient scenery and wildlife.  Traditional tours take place both at the lake or in Khao Sok village, where you can do canoeing, hiking, elephant trekking, and tubing during the low season.


guided bird- & animal watching

camping / survival tours

The jungle of Khao Sok has been around for over 100 million years, which has given locals plenty of time to learn the tricks of the trade.  Join with an experienced guide and read conditions to find the best place to camp, make a shelter, find food, and connect with nature again.

guided bird- & animal watching

Individual tours

Do you have your own ideas? Don’t hesitate to ask about custom tours.


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